What is Private Speech Coaching?

Even if you’ve never been comfortable speaking in public, you can master it – even enjoy it! One-on-one private coaching offers you expert assistance and customized instruction that will significantly enhance your ability to make a positive persuasive impact on listeners. Whether you’re making a formal presentation to a large group, meeting one-on-one with key stakeholders, motivating a team of colleagues, or being interviewed by the media, Well Said coaching enables you to communicate effectively in situations that are critical to you, your mission, and your company.

Why is speech coaching important?

Effective presentation and communication skills are the most sought-after skills in the workplace today. The ability to present yourself, your ideas and your products clearly, confidently, and credibly conveys that you are a leader and makes you an invaluable resource to your company.

From the boardroom to the ballroom, one-on-one coaching from Well Said will equip you with the necessary skill-set to deliver presentations that get results. Top executives and chief officers in over half the Fortune 100 companies rely on Well Said coaching to prepare and rehearse them for crucial communication events.

What You Will Gain

Well Said private coaching enables you to:

  • Influence decision makers and key stakeholders
  • Get your point across concisely, clearly, and confidently
  • Leverage the logic that motivates listeners to act
  • Use the art of executive storytelling to connect and persuade
  • Create an audience-focused presentation that captures attention
  • Exude confident body language
  • Speak with the voice of authority
  • Address and enhance your specific areas of opportunity
  • Develop the natural abilities that are uniquely yours
  • Increase the likelihood of career advancement
  • Possess the most sought after skill-set in business today

Connect with Well Said!

To schedule a customized group workshop at your location or schedule a phone meeting to discuss your specific objectives, please call Well Said at +1 678-361-7004 or fill out our contact form. Our name is also our promise. Well Said will help you speak with confidence and deliver presentations that get results.