Customized to meet your objectives and conducted on-site at your location, Well Said group training can transform your team’s presentation performance. Through expert coaching, interactive learning, applied practice, optional videotaping, and a relaxed fun environment, you and your team will master best practices and gain the confidence you need to deliver presentations that get results.

Your group workshop will be tailored to meet your specific objectives and incorporate your company’s particular messaging, products and solutions, examples and industry issues. In addition to topics you may request, the training includes proven skill-building techniques in the following areas:

  • Knowing your audience
  • Determining your objective
  • Articulating your value proposition
  • Developing compelling content
  • Structuring your presentation
  • Preparing and rehearsing
  • Controlling anxiety
  • Creating a great first impression
  • Using effective body language
  • Projecting the voice of authority
  • Conveying professional presence
  • Cultivating charisma
  • Engaging your audience
  • Using humor effectively
  • Avoiding presentation pitfalls
  • Remembering your points
  • Learning names
  • Creating effective visual aids
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Giving a winning product demo
  • Facilitating audience dialogue
  • Handling Q&A with finesse

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To schedule a customized group workshop at your location or schedule a phone meeting to discuss your specific objectives, please call Well Said at +1 678-361-7004 or fill out our contact form. Our name is also our promise. Well Said will help you speak with confidence and deliver presentations that get results.