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Darlene Price

President & Founder, Well Said Inc.

For over two decades, senior executives in the world’s top companies have relied on Darlene’s coaching to prepare and rehearse them for critical audience-facing events.
  • Speak with authenticity
  • Engage and persuade your audience
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Speak With Influence

Well Said’s executive presentation coaching empowers leaders to speak persuasively—to craft a crystal clear message, present with confidence, and establish credibility through executive presence.

Through expert instruction, presentation practice, video recording, and targeted feedback, participants will quickly gain the proficiency to deliver clear compelling presentations that engage the audience, influence decision makers, and achieve the desired results.


Craft a Crystal Clear Message

Well Said coaching shows you how to quickly organize your content into crystal clear points that have meaning for your audience. When people listen to you speak, they search first for meaning—how does your message affect or benefit them? What do you want your audience to do in response to your message?


If executive-level listeners can’t find meaning and value in your presentation, or if it takes you too long to get there, they will interrupt, disengage, or leave.  That’s why Well Said’s coaching begins with the meaning of what you say and crafting a crystal clear message that communicates value to the audience.


Present with Confidence

You’ve crafted a crystal clear message. Now it’s time to present yourself and your ideas with confidence and credibility.


Slides and words are important, but research shows the majority of audience-impact comes from body language and vocal attributes.  It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.   Well Said coaching helps you eliminate mannerisms that jeopardize your credibility and equips you with the top 10 essentials of effective body language and voice.


You’ll learn the nuances of effective eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture, body movement, voice tone, pace, projection, pausing, and eliminating filler words.  Even though you may feel nervous on the inside, the audience will never know because of how confident you look and sound on the outside!

Convey Executive Presence

If you want to be seen as a leader, you have to look, sound and act like one.
Recent research shows Executive Presence (EP) is a crucial requirement for building credibility with senior leaders, earning a seat at the C-suite table, and gaining career advancement. What is it?


EP is a combination of three key elements: appearance, communication, and gravitas.  Well Said coaching develops your EP so that when you speak, people listen. To influence others, the power of your presence must match the power of your ideas.


Well Said’s coaching is offered in two formats: intensive small group workshops for teams of up to eight leaders and private 1:1 coaching sessions. Your program will be customized to meet your specific objectives and may be conducted virtually or onsite at your location.


Conducted virtually or on-site at your location, a Well Said Group Workshop will transform your team’s presentation performance, build camaraderie, and ensure your company’s leaders are speaking with influence.


Your 1:1 private coaching is tailored to address your specific goals and areas of opportunity. We will develop your natural abilities, prepare and rehearse your next big presentation, and ensure you look and sound your best.

Client Success Stories

Make Them Yours!

Measurable ROI

Our sales and client engagement teams loved the coaching! Not only did it boost our revenues with measurable ROI, it also contributed to an increase in our Net Promoter Score

Jim M.

Chief Revenue Officer, Healthcare


As an introvert, I’ve always been very nervous when speaking and didn’t think I could be a good presenter. Darlene brought out my natural abilities, taught me how to manage the butterflies, and transformed me into a confident speaker.

Jerry D.

Chief Operations Officer, Manufacturing


Senior leaders kept advising me to stop rambling and get to the point…your coaching showed me the art of brevity; how to prepare and present a clear, concise, convincing message. Now my CEO compliments my presentations!

Sherry S.

General Manager, Retail

Executive Presence

Best training I’ve had in my career. You’re the one-stop-shop for developing executive presence and learning to speak with influence. I highly recommend this training to anyone seeking career advancement.

Chris C.

Chief Growth Officer, Healthcare IT

Clarity and Credibility

Mission accomplished! My direct reports are now delivering clearly organized messages and building credibility with our Senior Leadership Team. Every leader needs this coaching before presenting to C-level executives.

Tim E.

Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services

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